Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I can't work out if I like Gordon Brown more or less now. You literally couldn't write this stuff, absolute gold. Although The Thick Of It have got a case for plagerism. As I now feel like an honorary member of the Labour party, through the lure of stickers and balloons from Jack Straw (that's how to win an election folks) I have a bizarre sense of loyalty towards Gordo and the gang. So he called a woman a bigot. Oh god, NEWSFLASH; Gordon Brown has bitched in his car about an old woman, it's like an aged, soul destroying playground. Wasn't there a rumour he hit someone, this is nothing, she got off lightly by the sounds of it. This shouldn't have even been broadcast, David Cameron will be sitting on his tweed chez lounge now, frothing at the mouth, Nick n Dave are sharpening their swords as I speak for a massacre. What I assume Mr Brown was chatting on about was the fact she said 'And where are all these Eastern Europeans coming from?' aside from the obvious quip; EASTERN EUROPE? I think maybe he thought there was malicious intent in her comment, but he essentially probably had a tough day, as I assume most people do when visiting Rochdale and couldn't be arsed to talk to her for minutes and repeat what he has been saying for days and days and days. He isn't a robot and I think this just shows he's got a bit more about him. The word bigot, is a great word anyway...bigot. Let's just say, Sue whoever she may be, has got a hot date on the cards with the seemingly popular and appealing shackles of Labour unemployment.