Monday, 31 May 2010


Princeton are a really cool band that hail from California and have toured with the likes of Vampire Weeekend, Camera Obscura and Au Revoir Simone. They list Yo la Tengo and New Order as just some of the infuences that have shaped them into the eclectic, interesting quartet that play today. 'Cocoon of Love' is their debut album and stand- out track 'Calypso Gold' is an infectious, dreamy offering from the band.

Matt from Princeton was awesome enough to answer a few questions and provide some insightful answers. Here we are.

First off, when and how did the band meet?
Ben, Jesse and I met when we were very young. We were friends through childhood and started playing music when were about 14. We had known David throughout that time, but only really became friends with him about two years ago. Shortly after connecting with him we decided to ask him to be our drummer. And then the line up really solidified.

For Brits who stupidly haven't yet sampled your music, could you describe your style in 3 words?
I don't think I could characterize it appropriately with only three words.

You've recently done some gigs over here, how did you find the crowds and the UK in general? (especially Live at Leeds, I couldn't make it and was mega disappointed!)
The UK is a nice place to play. I think it's a bit hit and miss depending on the venue, but we had a great time playing The Great Escape in Brighton. It's a beautiful city and the crowd was really enthusiastic at that show. Live at Leeds was one of the stranger shows we had on this past tour. There were a few drunk dudes at the show giving us a hard time and one of them threw a shoe at us during our set. Needless to say we were weren't happy about that, so I think it may have jaded our opinion about Leeds' audiences. Hopefully our next experience there will be a lot better.

Out of the tracks you've produced, which one is your favourite and best captures what the band's about?
Well, out of the music we've completed, I'm most proud of "Calypso Gold." I felt like that song was done in a really unique way. It's sort of this wall of sounds, chiming guitars, rhythms, strings. It drew from so many different areas of our influences at the time and I'm definitely proud of it. Each record is a different and unique experience for us so I don't feel totally comfortable saying any recorded thing really captures what we're about musically. Our new record, which we are recording this summer, is probably the most indicative of where we are now.

If you put on a club night, what bands and songs could we expect to here on your perfect night?
Well, if I put on a club night, I would probably make it an epic power rock/pop night. So the crowd could expect me to spin some Smashing Pumpkins, Big Star, Nirvana, Replacements, Sonic Youth, Polaris ...

And finally, if you could sit down and have a natter with one musical icon, past or present, who would it be?
I would meet Jeff Tweedy of Wilco. I've always wanted to meet him, I think we'd get along. I love Wilco.

Cheers Princeton. Here is their myspace and official band site(with great art work)
As usual their music is available from all good outlets, itunes, amazon, blah blah

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Now that's science

Here's a scientific test that'll prove how good or shit you truly are at recognising faces. It's by Cambridge so it's serious business! I got 99%, booya, no-one is safe.

Saturday, 29 May 2010


What can I say about CIVIL CIVIC that could compliment them adequately enough..they're my ringtone, the highest of accolades. I also bought their cassette when I have nothing to play it on, all I can say is, I'm sure it's very good. But seriously they're my favourite band to emerge on the lau-radar in 2010, stuffed full of dirty riffs and bass, they sit in their own genre. Enough noise to bring on a seizure, but if anyone absolutely had to bring on my seizure I'd like it to be CIVIL CIVIC!

Thanks for taking an interest in the Civic Sound.
No fucking around, let's deal with these questions, huh?

First off; How long have you guys known each other and where did you meet?
Well, we've known eachother for about 18 months, since Aaron sent me an email saying "Here is a demo. Do you want to be in my band?"
I said yes.
I think it was the handsome and talented Michael Noga from The Drones who suggested I might be the right guy for the job. Thanks Mike.
We have a great number of freinds in common, from the Melbourne live scene which we both rattled around in for years and years, but somehow we never met back in the day.

Cliche question but it has to be asked J, describe your music in 3 words.
Strange loud fun.

Have you found your music has evolved and changed a lot since you first started playing together?
The band is till very young, so we're still more or less on the stylistic track that Aaron laid down at the outset. We have a very clear idea of what our sound is, and I think that at least until we've put out a full album we're going to stick to our sonic guns.

If you put on a club night, what bands and songs could we expect to hear?
Hmmmm. Aaron would probably want to book a band of drunk 16 year olds playing Slayer covers really badly, which would of course be fine entertainment, but I'd get The Drones to play an epic 3 hour set with extra helpings of feedback and angst, and then get that guy Muscles to deejay for the rest of the night.

With the emergence of sites like hype machine( god bless hype machine) have you found it a lot easier to get your music out there and heard?
Man, we topped the Hype Machine chart last week and got a big spike in our blog traffic out of it, so shit, we're all for that. It's pretty wild, having cut our teeth in the pre-blog era when you still had to press CDs', to be getting our tunes out to people in Austin or Helsinki or Perth or wherever just from the webular activities of fellow music fans, like you!

You’ve recently released your debut 5 track single, which track do you feel encapsulates what the band stand for the most and the direction you want to go in.
Well, not really. The 5 tracks give a good overview of our sound, and if you throw in the new single then the picture becomes more or less complete, but there isn't really one track that nails it all down. Less Unless was the one that people naturally gravitated to, so I suppose that's still our headline song, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

After stalking your Myspace, lucky Europe looks set to witness Civic Civil a lot this next month, have you got any UK dates coming up soon?
We're playing at the Shoreditch 1234 festival in July, and hopefully fitting a couple of other London shows around it. That's all we have on the books right now.

And finally, if you were to sit down and have a natter with one musical icon, past or present, who would it be?
Off the top of my head, I'd say Devo. I reckon I could learn alot about life from Devo (google "Church of the Sub Genius". They were involved in that. It'll fuck with your head!)

For Less Unless, CIVIL CIVIC said to imagine a tsunami hitting a beach party, if your imagination can't stretch that far, then he's a visual aid of hair drawing skills are sublime:

And if you're not satisfied with my drawing, then just watch them perform it live:

Check out the band's blog where you can BUY BUY BUY and DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD, do it.
Run Overdrive b/w Fuck Youth was released by 5000 on 5th July and in the meantime while you count your pennies in order to buy it, here's the stonking Run Overdrive

Friday, 28 May 2010

Everybody's breaking up

Can't for the life of me find the file for this, so a classic youtube sample is on hand for your listening pleasure.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Daily Mail-o-matic
click that link, so so so so awesome!!! my best one has been 'WILL THE POLES INFECT CLIFF RICHARD WITH AIDS?'...let's hope so.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

I smell burning

I've spent an unhealthy amount of time messing about with this, not only is it a snippet of new arcade fire material(YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH), but the way in which you sample this greatness is addictive, see if you can work it out...and then you'll waste your life for a bit.

Friday, 21 May 2010


Finally got my mits on the new LCD Soundsystem record, reluctantly downloading it after HMV were shit and I couldn't find the real deal. It's damn tasty and a freaking good farewell from James Murphy and the gang, if what he says about this being their last effort is true. Not quite as good as Sound of Silver, 'Someone Great' is a pretty unbeatable song in my eyes, although saying that Dance Yrself Clean, on the latest offering, is dangerously close. I particularly like All I want, it's fresh and I think that the sounds can take you in a completely different direction to what the lyrics are actually saying, like that.
LCD Soundsystem — All I Want by Stoop Kid Speaks His Mind

Saturday, 15 May 2010

New J.J Abrams film teaser, basically about some pissed off aliens again I'm guessing, I sense a theme. He's always teasing, like with Cloverfield, when the statue of Liberty's head got chopped off by something big. He's the creator of Lost, so obviously that makes him a dude. His films so far haven't really lived upto the dizzy heights of Lost though, Star Trek muh and Cloverfield, alrightish. A pretty good trailer, but trailers always make films look 1843752(approximately) times better than they actually are, i.e Clash of the Titans. He insists it isn't a prequel to Cloverfield, but it's about aliens and that scene in the trailer is set in 1979, sounds like a prequel to me.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Derren Brown's show 'Derren Brown investigates..' was great; it basically involved publically exposing mediums as exploitative thieves, success. I have a lot of time and respect for Derren, especially because he must have to put up with a wave of 'Darrens' everyday. It's a different approach to what we've been used to expect with Derren, as he initially adopts a more objective, 'roving reporter' role, moving away from stage and showmanship. He's a self professed sceptic, essentially showing how his 'magic' is just a melting pot of clever psychology, distraction, illusion etc and proving this through challenging people who claim what they do is somehow the product of mystical intervention. So you can understand why Derren would want to do this. What I don't understand, is why a medium who claims he can contact the dead i.e a professional liar, would let this programme happen. However, the audicity of having such a ridiculous name like 'Joe Power' deserves some credit, it's like calling a butcher Mr Meat. Apparently he has books, magazine deals, he's been on Loose Women and is appearing at the Edinburgh festival, he's reached the top (!), so why bring it crashing down, if he was so psychic, why didn't he see this coming? Derren Brown gave better readings, he guessed one of the McQueen's from Hollyoaks had been to the Maldives recently and she has 2 pedigree cats, the only explanation...he's a wizard.

Monday, 10 May 2010


To be honest, I've never been more attractive. I'm currently in the harrowing transitional period of sweaty beast, back to mildly less sweaty beast. If you know the Peep Show episode where Mark gets locked in his room by Jeremy while he has a mushroom party and Mark is ill and yuck and nearly poos in a takeaway bag, that sums up my weekend, entrapped in solitude by the tentacles of my illness..apart from the pooing in a takeaway bag, maybe. I'm hoping gastric flu becomes cool, if it does, man I'm so cool. I wouldn't have many complaints about a quick midweek gastricing, couple of days off work, tidy. But striking on the day I'm going to Manchesthair, well played.
Basically I just watched stuff for the whole time in pyjamas, occasionally being sick..touch me.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


On the way to vote for the first time, I was distracted by that. Now if that isn't a sign (excuse the pun) then I don't know what is, apart from seeing David Cameron piss on a child infront of me.
P.s Voting was a lot less thrilling than I thought, there could've at least been Eye of the Tiger on in the background.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I couldn't tell you (and it's depressing to work out) how much of my life has been consumed by the epic deliciousness of Lost..Watching, re-watching, thinking about watching, geeking out, wishing I was/with Evangeline Lilly. I thought it only fitting that I give something back to a show that isn't just a show, it's a religion. It has everything; aching, heart crushing scenes(verging on emotional terrorism), piss taking tension, Hurley and Mile's golden musings and Jack's facial expressions. I'll willingly hold my hands up and say that it literally lost me after a few episodes, I was left in the wilderness, but thank god I crawled back and bowed down before it's epicness, committing myself completely and faithfully til death do us part. Lost can still be proud of having one of the best teaser trailers I've ever seen, hooked me in and left a Dharma Initiative imprint on my heart However, there are still people who harp on about the classic pitfalls for non Lost watchers like polar bears(THEY WERE PART OF AN EXPERIMENT! NOW BE GONE!) and oh, the writers have just made it up as they go along, well duh, they are writers, that's their job. But that's what is bloody great, people hate Lost, it's not a case of having people who like Lost a bit and people who don't know what it is and then it's plodded along for 6 years with a moderate fan-base. No, people are obsessed with it and people are obsessed with hating it. Personally I think some people just find it difficult to believe that people can invest so much time in a series and try to dissuade them along the way. The beauty of the show is the enthusiasm it arouses and damn there's a lot of arousal; it's an institution in itself, there's so much scope and opportunity to research and discuss and come on, what other shows have their own specialised form of wikipedia....didn't think so. As Lost hurtles towards what I know will be a stunning ending, pushing aside chronic excitement, I can't help but feel a bit teary eyed about the whole fandango. There'll be a massive void in my life, ready to be filled, and the thing is, I doubt another show will capture, fascinate and fuck me up as much as this one. Long live Lost!