Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to, not the popular bon anniversaire anthem, but literally bringing Happy Birthday the you; a tribe of fun, pop pioneers from Vermont. Young, fresh, with explosive tunes, I rate them highly, sound like a load of genres put in a cement mixer and this is very pleasing to the ear. Featured song Girls FM has an angsty, fuzzy sound that I look forward to playing in my car on a sunny day... if my cd player doesn’t fuck itself in the face like it did yesterday.

For uninformed Brits, could you just give a brief history of how the band came together and where you all met and bonded.
We've been friends for years and have always played music together. I originally met Ruth because she was looking for a place to live and her sister Merrill introduced us. That was about 10 years ago. She moved into my apartment and she slept on a hammock and she had a creepy red lightbulb in her room. We met Chris years later because we played with his brother Kurt in Feathers. For Happy Birthday, we decided to just work on the pop songs I had been writing. I had no band at the time but I had a lot of songs. We all live in a very small town, and we share a studio space together, so it was easy for us to get together a lot and work stuff out. It was very exciting in the beginning because we all really liked the songs.

Happy Birthday is a cool band name, on the subject of birthdays; what would your perfect birthday involve?
Sitting by myself watching TV and eating an entire ice cream cake.

What comes first for you, the lyrics or the music?
It's always different. Sometimes, I write lyrics all the time without any melody or musical idea in my head, and at the same time i'll be playing guitar and singing little melodies and I'll take out my book and find some lyrics that fit. My favorite times are when I get an idea for a title of a song and if it's a really good title the song will usually just write itself. That's what happened with "Subliminal Message".

What's your favourite gig you've played so far?
We played somebody's birthday party in Seattle in her basement and that was pretty fun. Those kinda shows are always way better than some sterile nightclub. If the crowd is psyched and having a good time, I always play ten times better. I don't know if an audience realizes how much affect they can have on a band, but it can really mean the difference between a good and bad show if the crowd less uptight. So fucking dance people!

If you put on a clubnight, what songs and bands would you play alllllll night?
Definately a lot of top 40 shit, cuz that's really the only way you can get the party crazy. Maybe some songs from Green Day "Dookie", when I DJ I really only like playing songs that people already know and can sing along to.

Finally, if you could sit down and ponder with a musical icon, past or present, who would it be?
John Lennon, DUH.

Thankyou my dears! And I have it on good authority that they're hopefully planning some British dates.
Now listen to this oral delight.

Happy Birthday - Girls FM by subpop

Friday, 18 June 2010

Thought of the day

Who would win in a battle between all the humans and all the animals and the humans would only be allowed knives, cos they'd be like claws and sharp teeth...think about it.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Props to Elizabeth Harper, the voice behind Class Actress, who is dubbed by critics as 'Brooklyn's very own Madonna'(need I say more) for being really ace and answering some questions. After a bit of a style revolution, Class Actress have identified a chilly, fresh electronic sound that works. This song got me hooked; soaring guitars and smoooothhhh, smooth vocals. You could say she was CLASS ho ho ho.

First off, have you always wanted to make a career out of music or was it something that fell into place later on in life?
I grew up a huge music fan. Band posters on my bedroom walls, huge cd collection, saving up my allowance for front row seats... My dad was in a band when I was a little girl... but I never thought I would be a musician till i started to learn guitar and write songs and people liked it and it all just felt right. So right...writing always made sense but the singing came in college.

'Goth prep' and 'Stalker pop' are awesome terms haha can you briefly explain what they mean for clueless Brits?
Ha ok here goes, well people say goth pop and I just thought mark and I were more goth prep- as a fashion statement. Less than zero flipped collared polo shirts meets the dark dread inside me. Stalker pop - well I thought Caroline and I made it up but turns out it's a real thing.. The smiths, the cure using unrequited love as a geyser for source material. Who know that my natural neurotic obsessions would be what they are.. But ce la vie...

You previously did a lot of acoustic work Elizabeth, do you think you'll ever revisit that commercially, or do you feel your musical style now is more 'you' and comfortable?
Yes...I may revisit the guitar softer stuff but I live in the now and now I am me and this feels more right than anything I've ever done.

What other bands around at the moment do you really like?
Washed out, neon indian, mgmt, yeasayer...

Where would you love to tour?

Being likened to Madonna must be a massive compliment, which one her songs do you reckon has influenced you the most?
Borderline...that bass line? Hello!! Also think of me is the jam as well as everybody holiday...

Finally, if you could sit down and have a chin-wag with one musical icon, past or present, who would it be?
I need to have dinner with Brett Easton Ellis the author and Marvin Gaye.

Lovely tunes. Buy the music from itunes and other musical entities.