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Pleasant Saturday morning listening.

Thursday, 29 July 2010


Introducing Jeffrey Morisano, hailing from our large (obviously in a geographical sense) friend, America and even more specifically Santa Monica in California, who most definitely deserves the hype under his alias Kissed her Little Sister. His debut album 'High and Low' is an absolute gem; when coming across a 15 track album you might get sceptical and think..some of this has got to be shit. BUT in this case there's quality AND quantity kids and I can whole heartedly say I love every song. The album has a really personal, authentic and raw feel from someone you can tell has a head that is crammed full of ideas and thankfully it has burst into a dope album, full of diversity and layers, equalling some delicious organised chaos. And anyone who samples the Inspector Gadget theme tune with Johnny Cash vocals and Pink Floyd is clearly a genius...yes that sentence is real.

Lovely Jef was nice enough to answer some quick questions!

Firstly for the uninformed and unenlightened could you just give a brief history of kissed her little sister?

Kissed Her Little Sister started on 9/5/2006. I just looked at my myspace page to check my "member since" status, and that is what it says. Several years of posting mp3s began around this time. Earlier this year my friends at the Underground Library ( asked me if i wanted to make an album and release it in book form, and so finally i had some sort of goal in mind with kissed her little sister. And so I made an album and they made a really pretty book for it. And that brings us up to date I think.

What song are you proudest of? (I love paris ain't my home!)

Thanks! The fact that you love it makes me pretty proud, so maybe Paris Ain't My Home wins.

'High and Low' is shaping up to be one of my favourite albums of 2010, how long did it take to create and produce the album?

You're nice. Once the idea to make an "album" came along, I would say it took several months. But this is my first album, so I guess it kind of took my whole life.

I've seen people raving about you all over the blogosphere, how does it feel to know your music connects with people in such positive a way?

If that is true then that is awesome. It mostly makes me feel like making more music.

What artists do you feel have influenced your work and continue to do so?

I listen to a lot of music and study it, so there are a ton of artists that influence me. Over the years, though, the most consistent seem to have been Beck, Rivers Cuomo and The Beach Boys.

And finally in a year's time, what would you have ideally liked to have achieved musically?

I would like to have made an R&B album. And I would like to have played outside of the garage with my band, possibly in front of people

Thankyou Kissed her Little Sister!

The album 'High and Low' is kindly available for FREE download from so there is absolutely no excuse I can think of to not get your mits on it, unless you're allergic to good music or deaf, in that case I'm sorry.

If you've got time, then well done you and here's the whole album...

But if you're in a hurry then you're stupid and here's a taster..

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours from WIZZ on Vimeo.

If you don't nod along or respond to this song with some kind of voluntary/involuntary movement or release of endorphins then science shows you're clinically dead.
This is currently my dance around in a towel before going out song.

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Essential mix (January 2010) by Four Tet

Came across this again fortunately!

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Big up to Dom Tiberio, otherwise known as Felt Drawings, who resides in the far off, exotic land of L.A! His experimental/electronic project oozes chill, grit and darkness. The programming and synth is something else and all comes together to create some really special, beautiful music. ‘In my room’ was the first Felt Drawings song I heard through recommendation and at first I was like woah, this sounds like Conor Oberst covering Basic Space by the XX...and I love it, but that was in about the first 30 seconds and from then on I realised it doesn’t sound like that at all and is entirely different and even better.

Here’s Felt Drawings to shed light on life.

Firstly, where are you in the world right now and what projects are you currently working on?

I'm currently living in Los Angeles, California, but I'm back and forth between here and San Francisco. Right now I'm working on a split 7" with a new electronic band, Continues, that is going to be out on Mattress Records. Along with that, I'm putting together material for a full length album. I'd say its about almost done.

How do you find the Los Angeles music scene? Has it been easy to find like-minded musicians?

The music scene is really good. There are so many bands doing different things and tons of shows going on all the time. The downside to that is sometimes it feels like it is hard to book shows because of the lack of venues that are supportive of new music. Besides that, finding like-minded musicians is way easy because of the amount of bands performing these days. A couple of my best friends make electronic music.

I've had 'In my room' on repeat for an unhealthily long time ha how long does the process of writing and producing a (great) song like this usually take you?

Wow, thank you. That is super nice. I think for that song it took me about about a week to write it. Most of the time it takes me a while to finish a song. Close to a month or so but I work on 3 or 4 at a time. Its usually hard for me to commit to a part I've written, so that indecisiveness slows down the process. I also spend a lot time thinking about what should go where in the song, and then trying to figure out how to get that out of my head and program it.

You've worked with artist Cindie Cheung this year, can you briefly explain what was involved in your collaborations?

Yea, Cindie and I met at the San Francisco Art Institute. She was studying abroad for a semester and we took a class together. She would say the most smart and insightful things. I also really, really liked the stuff she was making. When she went back to London she asked me if I'd like to make the music for one of her videos. She would send me a description of what the video was going to look like and of how she wanted it to feel. Then I would make a sketch of a soundtrack and send it to Cindie and make adjustments as she saw fit. Together we have worked on two video pieces and one love song, which Cindie sings on.

What can we expect from Felt Drawings in the near future?

The split with Continues should be out in early September. There are a handful of shows throughout the summer in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Also, possibly a west coast tour late September or October.

And finally in a years time, what would you ideally have liked to have achieved musically?

Musically I would like to have a full length album out as well as other releases. I really want to travel and tour Europe. Maybe produce a song for Too Short.

Cheers Dom!

I urge you to listen to more of his tunes which can be found here available for general merriment. Really, really interesting music!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Many chills a multiplying!

Friday, 16 July 2010


I don't know why they're just wearing pants, but I have no protests and I want their cushions. Think I first heard Tokyo Police Club as a 16 year old and remember embarrassingly being like' their songs just make you is good' and 3 years on I still think the same, but would have to elaborately, lace it up to not get verbally abused. Energetic and light, their songs really pack a punch, repeatedly, it's dangerous. New stuff is getting released in the form of 'Champ' and this track stood out for me and just for the record favourite colour is blue.

And for old time's sake, 'Your English Is Good', great video. Let's get nostalgic.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Introducing Tom Krell, the German based Lo-fi R&B bro behind How To Dress Well, creating spacey, foggy goodness that's so laid back it's horizontal. A treasure trove of tracks can be found on the HTDW blog with each song sparkling and crackling, culminating in fragmented, trippy tunes. Really exciting music and even more so exciting because the band has dipped toes into the live scene, recently playing alongside Memoryhouse on some British dates.

Firstly, for a bit of context, where are you in the world right now and what are you working on?

right now i'm in köln, germany. just got back from some HTDW shows in london and stockholm, which were SUPER fun. work wise, i've just finished a full length that will come out in september! plus i've got a 7" of brand new tunes coming out on transparent recs this month!

These are exciting times for How To Dress Well, you've made your live debut, 'Ready for the world' has been released and there's a buzz around you (rightly so) how does it feel to get such good feedback and know your music is connecting with people?

oh man, nothing could make me happier. i had no idea this was gonna happen--- then people started responding so positively. i mean, it really feels good because i love these sounds and i made them for everyone to hear them, you know? so it's just a total fucking blast!

How have you found performing live so far?

the live show has been awesome. i think a lot of people think i doctor my vocals a lot and people have been prettty blown away by the live singing--- the live show is really a showcase of my voice. plus i have really amazing live visuals (by the amazing jamie harley, some of which seriously blow my mind and blow people away). i'm really proud of the show and i def think it's worth the ticket price to see, which is something i'm super proud to say.

You study philosophy, do you think this has influenced your music in any way?

umm not really. i mean, i'm a pretty reflective guy, so i do pay a good deal of attention to detail in general--- i think this is evident in the sonic details of my tunes. but i also love to be totally unreflective and unphilosophical and just sing melodies--- in a major way the whole HTDW sound is a reaction against being too cerebral and just letting melodies qua memories come out of me.

What made you choose the name 'How To Dress Well' and can you remember any hilarious/embarrassing names you thankfully discarded before deciding?

no, actually. the weird thing is i was making music in college (mostly noise music and pretty weird compositional stuff) when i decided on the name--- it was the title of a book in a used bookstore by an apartment i had in Minneapolis. it's just stuck with me since then.

In a years time, what would you ideally have liked to have achieved musically?

i just want to keep doing what i've been doing: i want to sing, i want to make beautiful harmonies, i want to sing catchy melodies, and i want people to be moved affectively in interesting, indeterminate ways by the sounds i make. that's what happens to me while i make the songs and when i listen to them--- i just want it all to keep happening. the best thing about the critical support is it motivates me to make something REALLY beautiful. with each recording i feel like i gain more confidence to try the stuff i really want to try vocally and sonically.

Thankyou Tom!

Keep your eyes peeled on the HTDW blog for downloads and news and brand, spanking new songs, I can't recommend listening enough, a real treat for the senses, gonna be BIG!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Basically, if you want to read the most filthy, dirty, audacious but essentially hilarious book and why would you not, then John Niven’s ‘Kill your friends’ certainly fits and blows up the bill. No, it’s not a self help book but an ‘expose’ of the music industry, but if it’s actually anything like that and you’re female, then don’t bother or destroy any refreshing, idyllic preconception of equality in the workplace and bend over. Snorting, fucking, murdering; if you’re of a nervous disposition then hold tight. It’s satire with a capital S, so in that sense the racism, sexism and homophobia is all in errr context. You feel guilty for finding some of the stuff funny, but this is funny(and actually in comparison to other content, quite tame!) ‘In return for her fifteen minutes I guarantee that Geri Haliwell would have risen at the crack of dawn every morning for a year and swum naked through a river of shark infested, HIV positive semen, cutting the throats of children, OAPs and cancer patients and throwing them behind her as she went-just to be allowed to do a sixty second regional radio interview’. In reality, it’s a slick, sharp and well written book that is tongue in cheek (although that term is perhaps better suited to like mild racism in Father Ted rather than sadomasochism and bloodbaths) Ultimately, it’s not supposed to be or aiming to be an archetype of what actually happens to N-Dubz...unfortunately. Overall pretty badass.

Monday, 12 July 2010


It seems Best Coast are flavour of the month...they have been around for many months, but in my world, they're flavour of THIS month. Probably cos it's summer which automatically makes everyone attractive and lead singer Beth Cosentino strikes a chord with many, by pining away 'I wish he was my boyfriend, I wish he was my boyfriend.' in the aptly named song 'Boyfriend'. Never have lyrics rung more true, as you gaze at scantily clad males. Written down, those lyrics are sinister and probably the creepiest lyrics for someone to hear you singing out loud, but with a backdrop of guitar that sounds lazily cool, the stalker sentiments are dispelled. Best Coast's new album is 'Crazy for you'.
Best Coast - Boyfriend by Ragged Words

It's all pretty raw and simple. I mean the wording and the subject content could easily be on par with Britney Spears circa 1999, but Cosentino's voice croons and wails and oozes maturity's just obviously better, soz Brits. The lyrics aren't anything groundbreaking or too pretentious; with stuff in title track 'Crazy for you' like 'I want to hate you, then I kiss you' listen here.....

Best Coast - "Crazy For You" from The Tripwire on Vimeo.

the subtlety is their strength. Stripped back, it's just a girl writing about love and boys. Very infectious and very charming. Best Coast's album is out 27th July and has one of my favourite album covers ever, look up there ^.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Torres <3

Friday, 9 July 2010


I love Local Natives, I also love remixes, put these two entities together and let a hotpot of delight ensue. Brian Healey who goes under the alias of BrainbHeats has just dropped such a sweet remix of 'Who knows, who cares' and it's great. A few days ago I might've been dubious of reworkings of Local Natives songs cos I like them as they are but this is just soooooo right. So laid back, with an undercurrent of urgency. It's getting a wicked reception and hats off to Brian for a stirling effort! Bravo.
Cast your eyes over some wonderfully insightful answers to my wonderfully uninsightful questions from Brian!

Firstly, to set the scene, where are you right now in the world and if it isn't too invasive, what projects are you working on at the moment?
Right now, I'm living in Louisville, KY and I'm currently dividing my time between developing my live performances and creating new material, which is a non-stop process. My EP just came out back in February, but all the music on there is at least a year old, and in that time I've come up with probably 2 or 3 full albums' worth of new material. That's not including the remixes, which is something I only recently got into. So one of the main things on my plate is deciding how and when to get some of newer stuff out into the world. I'm just waiting for the right opportunity I guess, but at the moment, getting live performances under my belt is the top priority.
I'm also in a band called The Pass (, which is a project that I'm really excited about. We've only been a band for about a year, and it has been amazing how much the project has taken off during that short time. We've spent the past few months recording our debut LP, which is due out this fall, and we're starting to book more and more tour dates, so that has definitely been a point of focus recently as well.

Thankfully we're blessed with sites like hype machine, have you found it pretty easy to get your work out there and heard?
There are definitely more outlets for people to find music than there were even a couple years ago, but I wouldn't say it has been easy exactly. The one fact that has never changed is that you need to have something worth listening to for people to pay attention to it. It doesn't matter what style or genre you fall into, there will always be listeners who are into whatever kind of music you're making, but those listeners are discriminating. You don't have to be a musical expert to know what does or doesn't sound good to you. On other side of it, the sheer amount of good music readily available to the average listener these days makes for tough competition. I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this. I guess the answer is yes and no. It's easy to put yourself "out there," but it doesn't necessarily mean anybody will listen. The bottom line is you have to have something original to say musically.

I'm in love with your Local Natives remix, what made you choose that song to work on?
Thank you! There were a few reasons: firstly, I just really like that song. Secondly, Local Natives made the stems for some of their songs, including "Who Knows Who Cares," available. Stems are the isolated audio components of a song, and having those makes a remixer's life much, much easier. Finally, I was able to realize a certain vibe in the song that made it possible for me to make it into something new, which is really the deciding factor to me. My outlook on remixing has always been to not just put a song in a different setting, but to use the song as building material to create an entirely new piece of music. There's a fine line between the two, but there's a definite difference in my opinion.

What other artists around at the moment are you really digging?
It changes almost on a daily basis. For years, one of my favorite albums has been "Miles Gurtu," which is a collaboration between electronic producer Robert Miles and Indian jazz drummer Trilok Gurtu. That album is probably the closest representation of what I want to accomplish musically with Brainbheats. I can't recommend it highly enough. Currently, I'm really digging on Brad Mehldau's new record "Highway Rider" produced by Jon Brion. I'm a pianist first and foremost, and Mehldau is one of my pianistic heroes. Jon Brion is just an overall genius. I've been in love with Passion Pit's album "Manners" for the past few months, and I've also been on a real Stone Temple Pilots kick lately. "Core" and "Purple" are both essential rock records.

You're pretty new to the live scene, how have you found the experience so far?
I've been performing as a musician forever, so in that sense really nothing is different when comes to playing live. I've also been producing for a long time, but performing live electronic music, combining the two, is definitely a new experience. The technical aspect of it is something I've been working on mastering more than anything. It's a lot like learning a new instrument. Even though I'm using the same basic tools, it's an entirely new process compared to working with material in a studio setting. I never want to be just "pushing the play button" on stage, which is all too easy a trap to fall into with electronic music. I need to be able to interact with the music and be in the moment, so in that sense it has been somewhat of a challenge to take this music that I've meticulously crafted in the studio and turn it into something I can manipulate in real time. I'm learning as I go.

And finally, in a years time, what would you have ideally liked to have achieved musically?
A year from now I hope to be touring regularly with this project as well as with The Pass. As I mentioned before, I'd also like to record a full-length album and maybe have the chance to collaborate with some folks in the process. I'd love to do a track with ?uestlove, for instance. I've also had a longtime vision of working with Mike Patton. Wishful thinking, I know, but if I could do all that in the next year, I don't think there's anything more I could ask for.

Cheers :)!

Check out BrainbHeats remix of the Local Natives tune here....
Local Natives - Who Knows (bhts rmx) by brainbheats

and his remix of Cults, Go outside is awesome too
Cults - Go Outside (bhts rmx) by brainbheats

...and be sure to invest valuable listening time in The Pass, hotly tipped!

The Pass - "Treatment of the Sun" PMA Premiere from Pretty Much Amazing on Vimeo.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


Also, here's some rly cool photography from Christopher Wilson, thank me later. There's heaps more so check him out.



This is just so so so so so GOOD. Mad beat and grungey. For some reason, it's taken me yonks to find this! When I searched for it on SoundCloud, it came up with vagina teeth..i took the executive decision to not listen.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What an epic cover. And the video is pretty cool aswell.