Monday, 12 July 2010


It seems Best Coast are flavour of the month...they have been around for many months, but in my world, they're flavour of THIS month. Probably cos it's summer which automatically makes everyone attractive and lead singer Beth Cosentino strikes a chord with many, by pining away 'I wish he was my boyfriend, I wish he was my boyfriend.' in the aptly named song 'Boyfriend'. Never have lyrics rung more true, as you gaze at scantily clad males. Written down, those lyrics are sinister and probably the creepiest lyrics for someone to hear you singing out loud, but with a backdrop of guitar that sounds lazily cool, the stalker sentiments are dispelled. Best Coast's new album is 'Crazy for you'.
Best Coast - Boyfriend by Ragged Words

It's all pretty raw and simple. I mean the wording and the subject content could easily be on par with Britney Spears circa 1999, but Cosentino's voice croons and wails and oozes maturity's just obviously better, soz Brits. The lyrics aren't anything groundbreaking or too pretentious; with stuff in title track 'Crazy for you' like 'I want to hate you, then I kiss you' listen here.....

Best Coast - "Crazy For You" from The Tripwire on Vimeo.

the subtlety is their strength. Stripped back, it's just a girl writing about love and boys. Very infectious and very charming. Best Coast's album is out 27th July and has one of my favourite album covers ever, look up there ^.