Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Basically, if you want to read the most filthy, dirty, audacious but essentially hilarious book and why would you not, then John Niven’s ‘Kill your friends’ certainly fits and blows up the bill. No, it’s not a self help book but an ‘expose’ of the music industry, but if it’s actually anything like that and you’re female, then don’t bother or destroy any refreshing, idyllic preconception of equality in the workplace and bend over. Snorting, fucking, murdering; if you’re of a nervous disposition then hold tight. It’s satire with a capital S, so in that sense the racism, sexism and homophobia is all in errr context. You feel guilty for finding some of the stuff funny, but this is funny(and actually in comparison to other content, quite tame!) ‘In return for her fifteen minutes I guarantee that Geri Haliwell would have risen at the crack of dawn every morning for a year and swum naked through a river of shark infested, HIV positive semen, cutting the throats of children, OAPs and cancer patients and throwing them behind her as she went-just to be allowed to do a sixty second regional radio interview’. In reality, it’s a slick, sharp and well written book that is tongue in cheek (although that term is perhaps better suited to like mild racism in Father Ted rather than sadomasochism and bloodbaths) Ultimately, it’s not supposed to be or aiming to be an archetype of what actually happens to N-Dubz...unfortunately. Overall pretty badass.