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The recession is a twat, we know this. But if we can thank it for something, it’s for Real Estate forming. Out of college, with the world as their oyster, the quartet decided to fuck the system and form a band. I know basically everyone is calling everyone lo-fi these days and being pigeon holed can be restrictive, so I’ll just say Real Estate are mellow, soothing and offer a seasonal, summertime feel from New Jersey (lo-fi). They’ve been hyped a lot and have grabbed a lot of attention and it’s much deserved.

They sing about beaches a lot which is good because American beaches are probably nice all year around (apart from when BP shit on them). It’s nice to hear, because somehow the British equivalent of singing about crab infested beach huts, floating tampons and donkey rides in Skegness doesn’t seem as glam, forgive me if you disagree. Nostalgic, laid back music that warms the cockles!

Firstly, for people that don't know, could you just briefly explain how you guys formed Real Estate and introduce yourselves?

Real Estate formed in the summer of 2008, but we'd played music together for years before that. I met Alex (bass) in 8th grade and Matt (guitar) in 9th. We all met Etienne (drums) in Massachusetts, where Matt was going to college, in like 2006. We all played in a band around that time called Lese Majesty, in which we functioned as a backing band for our friend Julian Lynch. After college, we found ourselves back in our hometown of Ridgewood, NJ (Etienne was living in Brooklyn) with nothing to do, so we started a band and named it Real Estate because we were living in houses.

Who did you grow up listening to when you were younger?

I grew up listening to all different sorts of garbage, but one band that we discovered we all loved as kids was Weezer. In high school, Matt, Alex and I listened to pretty much the same bands because we hung out all the time. Stuff like the Microphones, Pavement, the Pixies, Built to Spill, the Strokes, Yo La Tengo. You know. We still listen to a lot of the same stuff, especially because we typically spend a lot of time in vans together.

What's your favourite memory from being on tour?

The time Matt threw up on someone's floor at a house show and then I almost lost all of our money by leaving it on the table at a diner. Maybe that's my least favorite memory...

On your myspace you used to say people could email to request you to play at their house party after shows in their town; did you play at any strange people's houses haha, or were they all pretty fun nights?

Our first tour ever was all house parties and it was probably the most fun tour we've done. We've never really played anywhere that strange. I mean, there tends to be a certain type of person that is willing to have a show in their living room, and they're all pretty chill and welcoming. If anything, we've met a lot of friends in different cities through playing house shows.

Which one of your songs is your favourite to perform? (I love Basement!)

My favorite songs to play are always the newer ones. We just had a practice and learned two new songs and then proceeded to play th

em over and over for hours. It's just more exciting to play new songs than the ones we've been playing for almost two years now. Not that I don't like the old songs, but they get tired after a while.

And finally, what's next for Real Estate, what're your near future plans?

We're taking some time off to write a new album and record some demos right now. We have a 7" coming out on True Panther soon. We're touring with Deerhunter in October, then we're going to Japan with our friends in the band Woods. Really excited about that.

Purchase their lovely music through their myspazzle here.

And listen to this.

Real Estate - Atlantic City by tadpolopoly

Sunday, 29 August 2010


If for you, music is about escapism, then prepare to go on a spellbinding saunter. Sun Airway, hailing from Philadelphia, consists of Jon Barthmus & Patrick Marsciell who’ve just signed with the Dead Oceans label, setting them up nicely for the tasty release of debut record ‘Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier’ to be dropped 26/10. Their songs tinker with the senses and are rich with throbs sparkle and trippy, trippy arrangement. My particular favourite is ‘Oh Naoko’, a dreamy effort with sweet vocals and layers that are nothing short of cracking. Their remix of Delorean’s ‘Stay Close’, one of my most loved songs this year, can’t be missed, giving it an added depth and dimension.

Where are you and what are you currently working on?

I am in my house in South Philadelphia tying up a whole lot of loose ends. Musically speaking, I just wrapped up a bunch of remixes for the likes of here we go magic, kisses, the hundred in the hands and a couple more. I'm taking a little break from that stuff right now and getting all the sun airway ducks in a row and dealing with lots of logistics.

Take us through your song writing process.

The song writing process for me doesn't happen in any specific way. Most often it just starts in my head with a little piece. Could be music, could be a line of lyrics, then I develop it from there. Sometimes it starts with music when messing around on my guitar or piano or computer. Who could tell us for sure?

Are you both pretty creative people apart from music anyway, are you into literature and art and all that stuff?

We're definitely both into all sorts of other creative pursuits. Patrick is a genius and renaissance man, but he's a little lazy. Pretty sure he could do whatever he wants and be successful. I like to make art and furniture and write and whatever else but there are only so many hours in the day and I usually choose music as my creative outlet. At least until I'm old and can't write songs any more.

What's been your favourite gig so far?

My favorite gig so far is one we just played in NYC with Brahms, Class Actress and Sherlocks Daughter. It was only our 3rd show but we've been working hard and improving a lot. This was a great show with great bands and we're looking forward to many more.

Who did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to all sorts of music. I started playing piano when I was 6 and always loved Scott Joplin and Mozart. But in the popular music spectrum, I remember being really into Boyz II Men because I liked the harmonies. Later it was all about REM and Pearl Jam and whatever alternative rock was happening. Then it was a punk and hardcore phase that lasted through high school.

And finally, what're your near future plans for Sun Airway, what're you gonna do next?

Sun Airway plans on moderately-scaled world domination. I really just want to do some touring in Europe and wherever else will have us. In the meantime, looking forward to our record coming out October 26th on Dead Oceans. I'll probably keep doing remixes, maybe have some other folks remix our songs, set up some shows/tours, who knows!

Visit Sun Airway's website, which is well worth a look, really interesting and bursting with cool stuff from the band

Fucking wicked music and the visuals on this are shweeeet, have a look.

Sun Airway's "Oh, Naoko" visuals from klipcollective on Vimeo.

Delorean - Stay Close (Sun Airway Remix) by earhornmusic

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


One of those bands where you hear the name and chuckle to yourself ‘oh those crazy kids eh’. The musing could cease there, anything musically pleasing is a bonus. Gringo Star has a large bonus. They’re making big movements at this present moment, but have been simmering since 2001 and produced the critically acclaimed ‘All Y’all’ in 2008 which cemented them as ones to watch. Possessing style and substance, Gringo Star’s relaxed rock and roll entertains and I definitely like them more than Ringo Star, he’s gone a bit mad and mean now hasn’t he?

So where are you in the world right now and what are you doin?

fresno california, just arriving to the venue. its show 11 in a string a 36 around the U.S. before we go back to europe this fall.

Officially the coolest band name ever, you must get that response all the time, but can you remember any hilariously shit names you came up with before choosing this one?

There were a million...all forgettable.

Tell us a bit about the new album.

We just finished the week before we left town at the start of august. we recorded for the 2nd time with ben allen (gnarls barkley, animal collective) and james salter. it was a really good time. it's an album that 2 year olds to 92 year olds will be into.

What do you do for fun and to relax when not doing musical stuff?

We play baseball.

What's your favourite memory from playing a gig?

Too many to tell one.

Where would you like to tour but haven't yet?

mexico, south america, spain, portugal, poland, russia, china, luxembourg, hawaii, canada, iceland, korea, iraq, australia, inda, vietnam, indonesia, mongolia, egypt, monoco, morocco, new hampshire, finland, israel, iraq, saudi arabia, madagascar, turkey, greece, and sicily. i'm sure i've left a few out.

And finally, what's next for the band in the near future?

We are on tour till the end of september and then home for a couple weeks and then over to tour europe. so check out to see when we'll be playing in yer town.

Gringo Star "Come On Now" from Hurry Up and Wait on Vimeo.

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

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Yesterday was Tuesday. But yesterday was also a Tuesday that saw the release of, Ryan Lynch (of Girls!) and Hannah Hunt’s, current lo-fi project, Dominant Legs, stonking E.P ‘Young at Love & Life’. I say stonking, but that sounds too unnecessarily aggressive for a band whose songs revel in the fact that they’re delicate, sugary, charismatic and..not stonking. I don’t even know if stonking is a real word. They’re probably sick of hearing this but they remind me of Belle and Sebastian (which is always a good thing) but this is one of those bands whose songs you listen to and you just think ‘this is soooo nice, isn’t this nice, everyone come and listen to’s really nice’ and I’m peeved I didn’t listen to this while basking in sun on holiday as it would’ve been the perfect backdrop, unfortunately it’s been accompanied by grey and rain and shit, but Dominant Legs help to bring back some much needed colour. Lynch and Hunt’s warm tones melt together and sooth to make this one of the most enchanting, graceful and ‘nicest’ records of the year!

Firstly for the uninformed and unenlightened could you just give a brief history of how Dominant Legs were formed and introduce yourselves?

RL: Dominant Legs was originally the name I gave the music I wrote while playing in Magic Bullets. In early 2009, I left Magic Bullets and

lost my job at right around the same time. I bought a cheap keyboard at Radio Shack and met Hannah after she moved back to San Francisco. We became close friends very quickly and that is how the music of Dominant Legs has come to what it is now.

Dominant Legs is a great band name, can you remember coming up with any alternative, hilarious names that you're thankful you didn't adopt?

RL: Dominant Legs is how I described my friends legs while skinny dipping at Newport Beach. The words stuck in my head. It's basically attractive, powerful legs. We were considering a different name, but weren't able to come up with anything. Matt Fishbeck from Holy Shit sent me a suggestion list of over one thousand!!

HH: When we first started playing together I concocted an elaborate re-naming scheme, but my plan fell-through because I neglected to come up with any alternatives. Now I love the name. I especially love the exchange I have when people ask me to repeat "Dominant Legs" and then they repeat it back to me, just to make sure they've heard it correctly, and we go back and forth like that a few times. It's a very powerful memory-training exercise.

What's been your favourite gig you've played so far?

RL: Paris. It was our first show outside of the States. It was a special night.

HH: My favorite so far was the show at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco. We had just gotten back from our first mini-tour with Girls and it felt like the real beginning of something.

Which other bands are you really into at the moment?

RL: I've been listening to Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run a lot, Roxy Music, Christopher Cross and Yoko Ono's Season of Glass.

HH: Sade, Beach House, Mazzy Star, Tamaryn– I guess I'm partial to female vocalists at the moment.

In a years time, what would you like to have ideally achieved musically?

RL: A full length record that. That's the main goal right now.

You can grab yourself a copy of their E.P from their myspace, DO IT NOW! They’ve got some dates coming up in September, playing with our British boys Mystery Jets and I really hope to catch them in the future. Now listen to this and tell everyone how nice it is.

Dominant Legs :: About My Girls by Beachtapes

P.S stonking is a word.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Norwich’s talented beat bastion Luke Abbott is about to release his new album ‘Holkham Drones’(which is pretty weird cos I literally just finished Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’) on 23rd August through the Border Community label Abbott is attached to, which also boasts James Holden and Nathan Fake amongst other up and coming artists. The slick production and arrrangements cause for a hypnotising jaunt with experimental electronica that can't be missed, pulsing and fuzzing to create a strong, psychedelic offering.

So where are you in the world right now and what’re you working on currently?

I'm at home in Norwich, drinking coffee and replying to emails. I've just moved house, so my studio's not set up at the moment. But I just finished doing a remix for a band called Crimea X.

Who did you grow up listening to? Feel free to get nostalgic ha

Mostly I listened to 60s stuff that my dad had, I still listen to a lot of that stuff. Things like Love, The Band, Jefferson Airplane and The Beach Boys. I was also listening to a lot of 90s rock music like Mansun and Ultrasound, and some triphop stuff like Portishead and DJ Shadow. As well as that I was into a bit of hiphop, Naught By Nature and The Pharcyde etc.

We’re moving ever so close to the release of your album ‘Holkham Drones’ how long has the album taken to produce?

There's tracks on it that I started three years ago, but also tracks that have been made in the last few months. It all seemed to come together at the right moment though.

Which song do you think is the standout track?

I don't know if I could pick one, I've started to think about the whole album as a single track.

And finally, in a year’s time what would you have ideally liked to have achieved musically?

I don't know, a year doesn't seem like a very long time.

To reiterate Holkham Drones is released on the 23rd August and is well worth a dabble. You can learn more HERE and HERE! Why don't you sample a couple of my favourite tracks from Luke Abbott, go on.

Luke Abbott "Quincunx" by justindia

luke abbott - melody 120 from michael page on Vimeo.


I've been in France and Spain, hence the massive mound of nothingness for a short while.

Thursday, 5 August 2010


Dave Syke, former front man of Hail Social is now a blogosphere darling under the alias (currently) of Memory Tapes (but previously and sometimes Memory Cassettes and Weird Tapes). Creating addictive, other worldly music that helped last year's release 'Seek Magic' climb into heaps of 'albums of 2009'. He's also a dab hand at the ol' remix business and it looks like artists are figuratively (although not confirmed) chomping at the bit for his expertise and also looking in Memory Tape's direction to produce. Syke has a new album coming out in around October that is said to not sound how we think it will. The fact he doesn't own a phone seems to be mentioned in everything I've read about him, so I'm going to buck the trend and say..maybe he does now.

In a myspace update a while ago, my friend thinks you hinted that you might be done with the Memory Tapes alias, is this true or is he crazy aha?
I was done for a couple weeks.... but i've had a relapse.

Are you working on any new remixes at the moment, your remixes are awesome!
Black Keys and Clare McGuire are the next big ones.

What's the best gig you've ever played?
My old band played a real small club show on New Years Eve in Philly... that was probably the most fun I've had at a show.

What artists do you like at the moment?
I like what James Blake is doing a lot.

Can you remember coming up with any particularly hilarious, initial band names that were thankfully discarded?
Whisper and The Kick Drum when I was a teenager.

And finally, who would you cite as your major influences?
The Beatles and David Bowie

Listen to all of this stuff and be seriously impressed.

Monday, 2 August 2010


As I sit at work doing and pretending to do and hiding not doing office based activities, entrapped in a world of biscuits and paper clips, it really is the small pleasures that matter. Listening to 6music, my attention was grabbed, assaulted and kidnapped by Tennis, made up of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, the husband and wife duo located in Denver who make you want to throw caution to the wind and be weird and skip in a field of sunflowers like in the films. Alaina has the most enchanting voice that laps and swoons, bewitching and captivating, complemented by sweet,sweet soaring guitar from Patrick. This band are really something special and there’s something beautifully secretive about them, like we're getting half the story, there’s hidden depth (that could be a brilliant water based/sailing pun if you really think about it) to these songs and you can tell as they play they’re recalling the memories that made them.

As opposed to the generic 'being really bored, having a mediocre ability with a guitar and a friend who can 'kind of' sing', Tennis formed in the most delightfully contrasting and interesting way! I know in probably every interview, you have to answer this ha, but could you explain how Tennis came about?

When I met Patrick in college he had already been planning to go on a sailing trip for years. He was always reading something like Sailing Around The World Alone, or 20 Small Boats That Can Take You Anywhere. I was easily swayed by his sense of adventure and within a week of our graduation we had moved onto a small sailboat in Florida. We spent the next six months exploring the Bahamas and the eastern seaboard. Life on the boat was quiet and simple and we spent most of our time reading and writing. A routine like that I think would make anyone feel creative. I don't know exactly how writing music came into the picture. Everyday was inspiring, we really wanted to process our experiences and music presented itself as the perfect medium.

Can we expect any more life affirming sailing trips in the future?

We hope to spend a significant amount of time sailing every year. It gives us a valuable perspective on the lives we leave behind. Disconnecting from all the contingencies of the modern/digital world is really good for my soul.

You both reside in Denver, I'll be honest, I know nothing about Denver, what's the music scene like there?

I've been asked this question a lot and I never know what to say. We don't get the Denver scene at all. We aren't really a Denver band and Denver doesn't claim us anyway. Denver has been obsessing over the same handful of bands for the last several years, it's so resistant to change. It has had no influence on us at all.

Out of the songs you've written for the Tennis 7'', which one feels the most personal and special to you?

Marathon. I had all the lyrics written and an idea for the melody for months, but it took a while for Patrick to get a vision for the song. One night I begged him to work on it with me because I felt so attached to it, and the song just came out in minutes. We recorded it the next morning in our bedroom, it only took an hour, we were so sure of it. Our first overnight sail, the experience that Marathon is an account of, was one of the greatest challenges of my life. I was so scared to go to sea and I remember thinking, after this is over I will have a real story tell, something memorable, maybe even inspiring. Now it's a song that I am very happy with.

You begin touring in mid August; how you feeling about it and what date are you most looking forward to?

I'm nervous, I don't like performing. We never thought we would play live, but now it seems like an important next step for us. It will give us some street cred which we could use. I can't wait to play with Family Portrait in NY. They are amazing people and if it weren't for them I don't think we would be doing this.

And finally, in a year's time, what would you both have ideally liked to have achieved musically?

Our only real goal for Tennis is to record a full-length. We have the material for it and I think we just want it out of our heads and into the world. Based on the fact that we never intended to share our music with anyone, I think we've already surpassed our greatest aspirations musically.

A massive thanks to Alaina for her more than generous answers!

Even from a few questions, I extra, extra ,more, more than usual think this band deserve to be big and I have no qualms about it, I've just bought their 7'' here, and so should you. I’ve decided now, that if I ever somehow trap someone into marrying me, we’re absolutely 100% buying a boat, going on a voyage and getting matching will happen.

It seems fitting to feature Marathon, which is also the first song I heard from them.

Tennis-Marathon by lary lou

And for the hell of it, here's to another with a visual aid.

Tennis - Cape Dory (Underwater Peoples Records) from RichsLaw on Vimeo.

Get all the other info you could need on their myspace and enjoy!

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Yuck. No, I'm not rude.. Yuck are infact the fresh, exciting quintet from London, made up of Danny, Max, Jonny, Mariko and sometimes Ilana. Their music makes you get all whimsical and nostalgic for things that once were; hazy, winding, charming songs that sail into your consciousness and nestle there for a while. Kind of remind me of Wild Nothing in that sense. Yuck are playing so many dates in our Great Britain this summer and autumn, that it’s probably impossible to not catch them at some point, I’ll be getting my fix in Leeds and look forward to it immensely. I made the mistake of naively and stupidly typing in ‘yuck’ on google images when I was trying to find a band pic..don’t do it, it was horrible, i’m not the same person anymore.

So firstly what's going on in Yuck world? Where are you right now?
We've just finished recording our first album and are getting it mixed right this second.

You've got a big British tour going on right now (yay) with many a festival being played; which date are you most hyped about?
Probably White Heat with A Grave with No Name because they're an amazing band. The festivals are really really exciting.

You've toured with some great bands, who's been the most fun?
Teenage Fanclub. It was so good to hear them play every night and they were such nice people. They lent us guitars to use when ours were broken and they're our heroes so it was beautiful.

What music do you luuurve?
A Grave with No Name
Red House Painters
Dinosaur Jr
Neil Young
Galaxie 500
Silver Jews
Smashing Pumpkins
Teenage Fanclub
Video Nasties
East River Pipe
Big Star
Kurt Vile
Neutral Milk Hotel
Royal Trux
Sonic Youth
Perfume Genius
Will Oldham

What do you reckon you'd be doing if you weren't making good music?
Making music we like (and probably working in Hamleys toy shop.)

And finally, in a year, what would you ideally have liked to achieved musically?
More recordings since now.

Yuck's album is well on it's way, so watch this space, but in the meantime, satisfy yourself with their music thus far, go on, go wild. Their blog is also most entertaining

And listen to and watch my fave, Georgia