Sunday, 1 August 2010


Yuck. No, I'm not rude.. Yuck are infact the fresh, exciting quintet from London, made up of Danny, Max, Jonny, Mariko and sometimes Ilana. Their music makes you get all whimsical and nostalgic for things that once were; hazy, winding, charming songs that sail into your consciousness and nestle there for a while. Kind of remind me of Wild Nothing in that sense. Yuck are playing so many dates in our Great Britain this summer and autumn, that it’s probably impossible to not catch them at some point, I’ll be getting my fix in Leeds and look forward to it immensely. I made the mistake of naively and stupidly typing in ‘yuck’ on google images when I was trying to find a band pic..don’t do it, it was horrible, i’m not the same person anymore.

So firstly what's going on in Yuck world? Where are you right now?
We've just finished recording our first album and are getting it mixed right this second.

You've got a big British tour going on right now (yay) with many a festival being played; which date are you most hyped about?
Probably White Heat with A Grave with No Name because they're an amazing band. The festivals are really really exciting.

You've toured with some great bands, who's been the most fun?
Teenage Fanclub. It was so good to hear them play every night and they were such nice people. They lent us guitars to use when ours were broken and they're our heroes so it was beautiful.

What music do you luuurve?
A Grave with No Name
Red House Painters
Dinosaur Jr
Neil Young
Galaxie 500
Silver Jews
Smashing Pumpkins
Teenage Fanclub
Video Nasties
East River Pipe
Big Star
Kurt Vile
Neutral Milk Hotel
Royal Trux
Sonic Youth
Perfume Genius
Will Oldham

What do you reckon you'd be doing if you weren't making good music?
Making music we like (and probably working in Hamleys toy shop.)

And finally, in a year, what would you ideally have liked to achieved musically?
More recordings since now.

Yuck's album is well on it's way, so watch this space, but in the meantime, satisfy yourself with their music thus far, go on, go wild. Their blog is also most entertaining

And listen to and watch my fave, Georgia