Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Take note; Selebrities may be the new kids on the block, but they capture an 80's sound that is dangerously assured and full of confidence. The tunes are glamorous and glossy, with smooth synth and a playful tone. They're going to be massive with a capital M and exciting movements are already being made; signed with a great little label, Cascine, their 12'' is dropping on 23rd November. To say I rate them doesn't really do them justice, maybe in capitals is more adequate..I RATE THEM!

Selebrities, tell us a bit about yourselves.

Jer – Selebrities started as a side project between Maria and I in Florida around '06, and after finding Max last year we've become a serious band. We all have different musical backgrounds and musical tastes, but we all have a fascination for the 1980's. Thats the strong focal point of the band.

From listening to your music I can't help but draw comparisons to the Cure which is always a spectacularly good thing, but who else did you grow up listening to?

Maria – I went through phases growing up. Very much influenced by european music. The first album I ever bought was Blur - The Great Escape. Then suddenly I owned anything they ever made. After this brit pop face, I happen to start exploring the 80's not only in english but spanish as well. Mecano, OMD, The Wake, Altered Images, never ending list......In the late 90's I raved out like everyone else. Ever since college I've been all over the place. One minute I listen to 50's jams, the next I'm back into Radio Dept, some Desert Wolves with a twist of Jeanette. Other days I listen to Mariah Carey all day. Diversity in music is good. Selebrities sounds the way it does for an unexplainable combination of what we all love.

Take us back to your first show, where was it and how did it go (hopefully the microphone stayed intact :)

Maria – Yes unlike the last show the microphone did not fly away into the crowd. Safety First. The first show was scary. We practiced a million times for it. It happen to be at this small bar by Columbia University. There was cat food on the stage, enough said. Besides all of that It was brilliant. After a few beers we had everyone dancing. It was great to finally show everyone who Selebrities are, this fun, overly emotional band.

Have you found it difficult to get your music out there and listened to and get bookings for shows or do you think New York's probably the best place to start out as a band?

Max – I don't think we would have gotten the same kind of exposure we are now getting if we didn't live in NYC. These days, a lot of the exposure you get is through the internet, but there is definitely still something to be said about being in such a thriving place as NYC, even though we are quite different from most other popular NYC bands.

What other bands around at the moment do you really rate?

Maria – Memory Cassette, Wild Nothing, Studio, Air France

Max – Tesla Boy, Miami Horror, Moonchild, Cassian

Jer – I don't listen to anything current

What would you say the perfect environment or situation would be to listen to your music in?

Max – Walking along dark and lonely city streets in late Fall, on your way to a friend's party, wishing it was Summer again. Or, for that matter, driving in a convertible on a bright summer day in a beach town. The B-side to our upcoming single (Nov 23th!) definitely fits in with the latter.

Do you find there's any sources of inspiration or themes that you find yourselves naturally revisiting when writing songs or are they all pretty individual and unrelated in their own right?

Jer – We have revisit some themes: being bored, cautionary love tales, not knowing what direction to take. But I think these themes are just a part of everyday life, so they're reoccurring because they happen all the time, and there is a lot you can do with them.

And what's next for Selebrities in the near future?

Jer – We have a single dropping in November, and after the new year our 1st album will be coming out on Cascine so we're all freaked out. It's very surreal to us. We want to hopefully tour at that time. To us there is nothing more exciting then going to new places and playing shows for new people. We just want to get our music out.

Absolutely wickedly tasty stuff, grab yourself a physical 12'' or digital copy from Cascine.
And get at more info and links to downloads from their myspace