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Tom Vek - Aroused from Alcohulk on Vimeo.

Sick video.

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It’s not often you come across a mixed sex comedy duo, try and think of one… LONG DRAMATIC PAUSE…told you (please don’t say the Krankies). That’s why it’s most refreshing to stumble across Frisky and Mannish, paving the way for cross-genital funny partnerships everywhere. However, the fact they are a guy and a girl is by far, not the most appealing part of their act. Laura Corcoran and Matthew Jones are outrageous, audacious and loud, re-working well known pop songs into their own cheeky bundles and just generally taking the piss out of some of the already hilarious lines in pop songs. And it’s a nice bonus that they both have fantastic voices. I’m still waiting for someone to highlight the fact that Eliza Doolittle seemed to release a song earlier this year about getting a prescription from her G.P ‘Oh, Mr Medicine, I will take anything, what do you recommend?’.

They are Radio 1 connoisseurs and Edinburgh festival darlings, who continue to sell out shows and have this year been rightly so, moved onto a more accommodating stage which will showcase their act with even more glamour, sparkle and dazzle.

What's going down in Frisky and Mannish town at the moment?

All kinds of things! We've just started touring again, we're writing the third show, working on some short scripts that have been commissioned, updating the website, selling our lovely new CD everywhere we can, and perhaps most excitingly, starting to sort out our brand new costumes for the next show. We're poss going a bit more uber-fashion with a crazily talented young designer, so we are beyond excited.

Tell us a bit about how you got into comedy and any tips?

We didn't really mean to get into comedy! We started with just messing around for ourselves and our friends, and then worked on the cabaret/burlesque circuit, hence our image, characters and strong musical element. We consider ourselves as much, if not more, a neo-cabaret act, but we have always been about the funny. For people getting started, we'd just say get out there. There are a billion open-mic nights, and clubs with open spots, and competitions are also a good place to learn your stuff. Not that we did that. We're awful at competitions, just dire. We've never won a bean.

Guilty music pleasure?

We have no guilt about any musical indulgence, be it Rogers and Hammerstein or Stock, Aitken and Waterman (roughly equivalents in their respective times, I think).

What are your favourite ever comedies?

Nighty Night, and indeed anything the almighty Julia Davies does, and similarly pretty much anything by Chris Morris - The Day Today, Brasseye, Jam, Nathan Barley, etc.

Is there a musician or band that has consistently featured throughout your life as a source of inspiration and sensory delight?

We're both enormous fans of Kate Bush. She was completely fearless, and wrote amazing self-contained fantasies in all her songs. She's everything - composer, lyricist, producer, storyteller, contemporary dancer, visual artist. She was from the Prog-Rock school, following almost any imaginative whimsy. Amazing. Why wouldn't you dress in army gear and blink in time to the music?

What's the best thing that's happened so far, career wise?

Being on the bill with people you've really admired is pretty great. Like when Robin Ince invited us to be part of his Godless shows in December, and we found ourselves on a line up with Dara O'Briain. Laura especially nearly died. Similarly when we did a club night and Alan Carr was in trying out some new stuff, and we had to follow him! Not easy, but pretty ace to be able to say you headlined a gig that Alan Carr played... no matter how not-quite-true.

What advice would you give your 18 year old selves if you could?

You're hotter than you think you are, and the boys you fancy will sleep with you. Go!

Who are the funniest people in your lives right now?

Laura's schoolfriend, Sarah, who's been helping us out with all kinds of bits and pieces of late, is one of the single funniest ladies created. You know the kind of laughing where you hyperventilate and your dinner comes out of your nose? She's one of them.

Behind the Scenes with Frisky and Mannish - Episode 1 from Olivia Humphreys on Vimeo.

Check out their website here and you can catch them on these dates at the Udderbelly’s Pasture for what’s sure to be a brilliant show including Justin Bieber and Rihanna, which normally wouldn't be a good thing:

3 Aug–5 Aug Wed–Fri 9.30–10.30pm

6 Aug–11 Aug Tue–Thu, Sat & Sun 9.30–10.30pm

12 Aug–14 Aug Fri–Sun 9.30–10.30pm

16 Aug–18 Aug Tue–Thu 9.30–10.30pm

19 Aug–21 Aug Fri–Sun 9.30–10.30pm

23 Aug–25 Aug Tue–Thu 9.30–10.30pm

26 Aug–28 Aug Fri–Sun 9.30–10.30pm

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TV Girl have just released their stonking new e.p and you can download it HERE for nothing, absolutely nada, so do it. Hype hype hype.

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Psychopaths, serial killers and the massively, insanely disturbed seem to act as a source of intrepid fascination. They’re interesting because you can pull terrifying characters from pages of books and film scenes and there’s a distance, but once they’re pulled from society, Norman Bates, Jack Torrance and Special Officer Doofy don’t seem so sycophantic after all. A few years ago at school, I remember my class, for some inconspicuous reason, started researching serial killers, soon we were en(grossed) and comparing Ed Gain and Fred West, like a sinister version of pokemon, which is a pretty messed up memory but it highlights the morbid curiosity when dealing with the grizzly.

A psychopath is a predator who uses charm, manipulation, intimidation, sex and violence to control others and to satisfy their own selfish needs. Finally the secret to Noel Edmonds success has been revealed and now maybe we can stop him.

Psychopath Test is a book I first read about online a couple of months ago. My friend and I were equally excited at the prospect of venturing out into the world with our new found psychopath spotting sleuth prowess and basically start accusing people we know of being psychos, obviously behind their backs or they’d murder us.

The book begins with Jon Ronson receiving an email from a neurologist who informs him of a puzzling book called ‘Being or Nothingness’, that has been sent to her and an abundance of fellow academics scattered about the globe. At this point, it’s not known who has sent them or what the books mean as the interior of the book entails sporadic blank pages and a littering of unconnected quotes. Looking like the work of a mad man. This subplot meanders throughout the book and is reminiscent of a mystery such as the Da Vinci Code, albeit with the pace of an arthritic, wizened tortoise in a bucket.

What Jon Ronson’s book tries to encompass is that psychopaths aren’t necessarily killers; often they don’t kill at all. Context is crucial. It’s four times more likely to find a psychopath in a top position in a corporate environment, look at Donald Trump’s ‘hair’, if that isn’t a giveaway, I don’t know what is. Psychopaths only make up a meagre 1% of the population, but their actions alone are enough to provoke much wider ranging and extensive consequences, like someone doing a really smelly fart in a lift. Instead of murdering a human being, they can murder an economy or even society at large. Therefore blaming Donald Trump for society’s ills is entirely justifiable now.

Most contemporary diagnosis of psychopaths are made by consulting Bob Hare’s famous PCL-R model, which involves rating an individual with a score from 0 to 2 on a list of traits deemed susceptible to influencing psychopathic behaviour. Once deemed a psychopath, it is thought that this label will always remain, there is effectively, no cure. Which is examined in the case of 'Tony', a Broadmoor inmate who adamantly claims he feigned madness in prison, with the help of 'A Clockwork Orange', in order to lead a more comfortable life inside, with pizza and tv. What he did not predict was that, whilst the psychiatrists saw through his fakery and deceit, they noted something far more disturbing, that he depicted psychopathic tendencies. As Tony realises, it is a lot more difficult to prove you are not something rather than you are. Hare's Psychopath Test is extremely influential in the realm of psychiatry. Why not try it out hey, what about with a friend? If there’s an awkward silence after completing it, move away. Psychopath Test

During this marathon of mad shit, I have now unfortunately become accustomed to the term ‘crotch eyeballing’ (which sounds like something from Saw but it 47 million times worse). This would occur in the 1960s in Paul Bindrim’s naked psychotherapy sessions, yes that’s right NAKED and CROTCH and EYEBALLING. Basically, as a patient, you would spread your legs and have about 20 people gawp at your bits for hours on end, what this would achieve, I don’t know, apart from nausea and an adoption of asexuality. What an ice-breaker, you’d end up being more familiar with someone’s balls than face. I can’t see this being done in Marks and Spencers team building days, but who knows, I’ve heard people ACTUALLY talk to their colleagues in some places, the next natural step must be staring out a vagina?

Refreshingly, Ronson reassures the reader that if you’ve started to doubt yourself and worry that you might be a raging psychopath, then fear not because the fact you are thinking this at all proves that you are not one. Thank fuck, I was starting to worry that maybe it was a bit weird to skin those squirrels and weave their fur into a tapestry that I’d fashion as a cloak and then play croquet with a pear, whilst watching and crucially enjoying Deal or no Deal. Phew.

This was an extremely interesting read as Ronson handles what could be presented as a frightening, gory issue in a light and comedic way. However, he still retains the raw, disturbance that is required for some of the more painful topics. His own neuroticism makes him a likeable narrator as he takes the reader on a journey into murkier quarters, doubting himself along the way and the characters he meets. Essentially, there's a bit of psychopath in all of us, but leave the murdering to the experts guys.

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I'm off to Italy for 2 weeks so here's something to enjoy.

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