Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Flowers by TEETH

Banging. Turn it up LOUD.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011



Well, I can say that Glastonbury officially shits all over and in the mouth of Reading Festival. I always had an innate sense of knowing, but I now have empirical evidence and disabled feet to prove it. Too many hipster children, just because you have a shirt with a parrot on, it does not make you Tyler the Creator. However, I did thoroughly enjoy it and saw some great acts that I've been mad eager to see and some I haven't, but were good anyway. Thoughts are as follows..

Naked and Famous

This was the first band I saw. What a bunch of liars, they weren't naked or particularly famous, I'd never heard of them. I did recognise 2 of their songs though, they sounded identical to me and they were a tepid start to the festival, but entertaining nonetheless.


Well they were much better in a tent, which is what I concluded after watching them on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. (What isn't better in a tent, is me as a person. Especially when the tent starts to leak during the night and you are sure there's a mole or a squirrel burrowing about by your head, which is lying on a makeshift pillow made out of a bag and mostly disappointment). They sounded so much better and are such a fun band to watch and continue to wear their white, glowing bra contraptions. They garnered a great reaction from the crowd, radiating infectious bouts of energy that thumped through the tent.


Providing a perfect bout of grunge, synonymous with the state of everyone in the crowd. I've wanted to see Yuck for ages and they didn't disappoint; they make their performances seem effortless, without seeming nonchalent, just like they've just got out of bed 5 minutes earlier. Instilling Saturday with a slice of mellow.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zones

Still not sure if I witnessed the return of Christ or not, but Edward Sharpe sure knows how to rouse a crowd and his beardyness and white smock attire made me expect to see him handing out loaves. It was real special hearing 'Home' played live, almost made me get a bit emotional.


An absolute joy to see live, was really hyped to see this band, especially after they pulled out of Glastonbury for some reason. I was glad they played the Festival Republic Stage, it was relatively small and intimate. What the band possess in hair length, they definitely equate in talent (lots) and it was a tight, snappy set, which was better than I thought. I wasn't fully confident that the vocals would be upto scratch, but Madeline Follin nailed it.

The National

A confident, astute set, that seemed really epic (died a bit inside from using this word) against the backdrop of the setting sun. There's just something about Matt Berninger's voice that makes you imagine he's singing a personal soundtrack for you specifically.


I always thought it was too late for me to like Pulp. Jarvis Cocker jokingly asked 'Who was here?' followed by 'Who was born?' in 1994, when Common People was performed for the first time; I think I've been intimidated by their longevity, so never decided to listen. There was some brief political comparison and reflection before Common People was played and it shook the crowd with the same relevance and intensity, as it did all those years ago. Cocker swaggered, crooned and displayed the wit and eloquence that continues to draw such enthusiastic crowds. 'Babies' was one of my favourite songs of the festival and the whole performance made me wish that I'd lived my teenage years to Pulp.

The Strokes

This is the band that I grew up to. 'Is this it' is such an iconic and special album for me; when I hear those songs it reminds me of my 15 year old crushes and thinking that front cover was an egg for ages, instead of a hand on a naked arse, because someone copied me the album and the front cover was too big for the case. I don't care that I'm gonna sound like a Justin Bieber twat, but it was almost a dream come true seeing them, and they didn't disappoint me. I can die a happy, happy woman.

Best Coast

During Best Coast, I began to question everything I have ever known and reassess my life, as I realised that standing next to me was the lanky, goth one from the latest series of Skins, I'm nearly 21 and SHOULD NOT recognise anyone from a programme aimed at 14 year olds..let alone find him fit. However, I quickly forgot about my new creepy, paedo, elderly persona and enjoyed Best Coast's performance immensely. Bethany Cosentino is a really charismatic and warm lead singer and it's nice to feel appreciated as a crowd. Thankfully during 'Boyfriend', (lyrics being: I wish he was my boyfriend, I wish he was my boyfriend) I managed to refrain from singing aloud and looking at Skins boy and being arrested.

Friendly Fires

Another flawless set. The 6th time I've seen them, but they just get better and better over time like a nice bit of funky, dancing cheese. If I was in a band I'd definitely dance like Ed, so I think he should get in touch with me and we can make sweet, sweet music and commit crimes against dancing forevermore.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


From 'On the Water', which drops October 4th.

Friday, 19 August 2011


My favourite from the new The Weeknd mixtape, which you can get here

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Am so hooked on Tensnake at the moment. Was a massive fan of his Coma Cat remix last year and have been listening to his latest mix, which absolutely kills it, an obscene amount over the last few days and fitting lots of bedroom dancing into my schedule. Ironically, the picture above is also the facial expression I pull constantly whilst listening. Listen to the mix, which I can't recommend enough and enjoy recent offering, Something About You, which has lotsa mini people in it.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Really perfect stuff. Listen to the Boiler Room set down below too. I can't embed it for some reason, but visit the Boiler Room site and listen there. Predicting big movements.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


We're a spoilt lot; not only have we been treated to superb e.p 'Slow it down' in February, but 'U Know' was dropped 19th June, culminating in a double dose of chillwave from BEWILDERBEAST this year. Based in York, Gus Beamish-Cook is one of the most exciting producers around. His music screams 80s; it's slick, outrageously bouncy and brimming with synth. I'm literally bopping away as we speak, yup that's right, BOPPING.

First off, where are you in the world right now and what're you working on?

On an island in the south of france called the Il de Re. Currently working on a new album for a different band I'm in (chalices of the past) to be released early september on the new label Rad Rit cassettes. It's currently called 'Peace 4 tha World 2.0'. I graduated a couple of weeks ago, so I'm pretty much on terminal holiday.

Could you give a brief Bewilderbeast history?

Bewilderbeast started off as a way of making music that wasn't at least 40% self-reflexive parody. Having said that, it's kind of a development of an ironic synth band I was in in high-school. I realised that I actually really liked the stuff I was supposed to be making fun of and decided it would be rad to try and do it in a semi -serious way. All of the stuff that I had loved and really connected to when I was younger couldn't really help but come out. I still beleive there's nothing better than a smooth jamming disco bassline.

Who did you grow up listening to?

In terms of what my parents introduced to me, the stuff that I've run with and has really made a serious impact on the way I think about and make music-

1) Talking Heads (especially 'Remain in Light')

2) Kraftwerk

3) Joni Mitchell

Also a lot of rad disco staples that my older brother introduced me to- Cerrone, Sylvester, Divine, Chic etc- along with a ton of industrial and EBM-Throbbing Gristle/Nitzer Ebb etc.

Tell us a bit about recent offering 'Slow it Down'.

Slow it Down is really just a collection of stuff that I made as a semi serious outlet for the disco side of my musical interests that is constantly fighting to get out. I was really surprised that anyone dug it, but getting it out and about has been pretty rad. The internet is awesome.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever written a song about?

For a while I was really obsessed with the idea of trying to write a track about dreams of 'the American Dream' from the perspective of a hopelessly culturally ignorant individual. I wrote three different tracks trying to capture that vibe(as Chalices of the Past), but as of yet haven't released any of them in any real format. I really liked the idea of a cultural 'dream' with an actual dream. It's kind of like the most laboured pun that ever could happen. I don't know why, but I still find it really funny.

Are there any specific themes or sources of inspiration you find yourself revisiting often when making music?

Any time I listen to Fox the Fox's track 'Precious Little Diamond', or 'I Want Your Love' by Chic, I'm reminded that everything I make is worthless and I need to try harder. Both tracks are perfect gems of disco magic. Having that kind of musical potency washing around really does a lot in terms of motivation.

What would you say was the perfect environment or situation to listen to your music in?

Train journeys, flights, car trips. Any kind of transport or motion.

Where would you love to tour?

Bhutan. Barely even a question. I really doubt that anyone there has heard my music, or ever would do, but it's always seemed rad as fuck. Seeing as only about 5% of people have the internet, it's unlikely I'll ever get asked to play there.

Finally, what's next for Bewilderbeast, future plans and such?

To actually make a bewilderbeast full length, rather than four or five track EPs.

Visit the BEWILDERBEAST bandcamp and grab the e.p here

Friday, 12 August 2011


Caught up with Evenings last year and am hyped to hear his return, with a sick new album 'Lately', tranquil and mellow; perfect summer listening.


That picture up there looks like you're about to get murdered, but that aside, this track gives a beautiful build up to the release of Balam Acab's forthcoming l.p WANDER/ WONDER on 29th August.

Thursday, 11 August 2011


Tuesday, 9 August 2011


It’s difficult to comprehend the scale of events that have escalated over the past few days in London and beyond. It angers me that there is an unprecedented level of greed, but is
that what people are rebelling against in the first place? ‘We’re showing the police we can do what we want and this is the rich’s fault’, this in itself is disturbing, how does smashing in a charity shop exude or damage the rich in any way; it’s damaging their community and the good their community does. What I would say is, that the victimisation of a community doesn’t matter if an individual doesn’t feel involved or able to invest themselves into that community in the first place. The repercussions are irrelevant because the community and society at large offers them nothing anyway and whose fault is this? Parents? The police? Government? But, sometimes, there doesn’t have to be sociological justification for events, or a wider context, sometimes people are just arses. Feeling disillusioned, disconnected and disengaged doesn’t mean you go out and loot. Moral compasses are going haywire, deindividuation is rife. A really bad example, but one that portrays deindividuation well, is through the internet, for example on youtube comments or twitter accounts; because they are essentially untraceable and under the guise of an anonymous username, people feel like they can displace their true identity and act with another, in amongst a group of haters, they can say and do what they want. Look at London, opportunistic looting, moments of madness, where contrary to what’s being heard, it’s not just young, unemployed, black guys; there’s employees and graduates that have been charged. I’m not sure that people are making a point, it’s all been too rapid, sporadic and spontaneous to be driven by anything definite. I just hope that the EDL and bigoted Daily Mail readers don’t take this whole situation and let it confirm and fuel their stereotypes. And as a 20 year old, I don't like people jeopardising the already strained and tempestuous reputation of my generation. What can come from this is the chance for community and society to reclaim the streets and convey that the rioters are a MINORITY. Heroes are already going out and cleaning the streets with traditional British retort; the broom really is mightier than the sword. Look at the pictures up there, this is London, this is Britain.

Monday, 8 August 2011


The new Teen Daze record, 'A Silent Planet' drops tomorrow on Waaga Records. Have pretty much drooled over everything that has been released by him, so this looks set to continue the theme, if free download 'Surface' is anything to go by anyway. This track has been around for a couple of months, but I thought I'd refresh it, seeing as it's the 8th.

You can pre-order and grab the album tomorrow at the Teen Daze bandcamp


Jay-Z & Kanye West ft. Beyonce - Lift Off from XOXOXOXOXOXO on Vimeo.

Really enjoying the new album from the Kings, Kanye West and Jay-Z. Especially this track, very anthematic.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Follow an internet context.

Saturday, 6 August 2011


I love Air France (as professed many times here), they're one of my favourite bands and I'm excessively pleased to hear their new track, which has been mixed by Star Slinger....what a sexy combination.

Friday, 5 August 2011


Ghostly Presents: Gold Panda from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

Interesting little interview with genius, Gold Panda. Watch this space for justbeaperson and Gold Panda developments.


A rough demo ( i like it how it is) of some new Best Coast stuff that'll be on their second album, awooo. Can't embed it so you'll have to pay a visit to the clouds. Update: it is there.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Neon Indian - Polish Girl from Anastasia Marchal on Vimeo.

New track from forthcoming album Era Extra├▒a.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Four Tet present for Fabric.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


To mark the release of their new album 'Red Velvet Snow Ball', I thought it'd be cool to catch up with Pepper Rabbit since their last interview in September. Their new album is streaming exclusively on hype machine before it's official release and it sounds funky fresh. Have a listen down below and see what Pepper Rabbit have to say about it.

So excitingly, Red Velvet Snow Ball has just started streaming on hype machine, tell us a bit about the album.

I'm happy it's finally being heard! We started writing and demoing those songs in February of 2010, and then went and recorded them last August. We finished mixing the Album last winter, and have been sitting on the final masters since March. So it's been 5 months of anticipation for people to hear it.
The album is more of a collaborative project than "Beauregard" because we started writing after I moved from Boston and into the same house with Xander in Los Angeles. We got to bounce ideas off each other during the writing process instantly . And unlike "Beauregard" this Album was recorded and mixed in a professional studio by producer Ryan Hadlock, at his beautiful hideout just north of Seattle, Bear Creek Studios.

What in your opinion, is the standout track?

My favorite track is the last song "Tiny Fingers" because it nicely sums up a lot of the musical themes and lyrical ideas heard throughout the album. But as for a stand out track, I would say "Murder Room" because it's our most straight up, up beat pop song.

How's your summer been going?

Good. Lot's of resting from our crazy past year in support of "Beauregard," and in preparation for our 8 week tour this fall. Xander's been helping out playing bass and keyboards for our friends band The Chain Gang of 1974, and I've been working with my girlfriend, Kathryn Baar, on demoing her debut album.

What's next for you both?

Pepper Rabbit is doing an extensive tour this fall in support of Red Velvet Snow Ball opening for our label-mates Braids. We'll be all over the U.S. and Canada starting in New York August 31st.


Youth Lagoon is definitely one of the most exciting artists to emerge and arouse my ears this year. Trevor Powers is the mastermind behind the whole operation and he sounds like a superhero, so deserves recognition for that alone. His music is full of echo and reverb and considering his first 3 tracks have been recorded in a garage they’re funking dope. I doubt that this will be the environment of choice for much longer cos this progressive, emotive lo-fi is really leading the way and a perfect complement to these warm summer evenings. Likenesses to Perfume Genius and Bon Iver are rife, but Youth Lagoon has forged a deep and dreamy direction of his own. I heard ‘Cannons’ back in the olden times (April) and it had such an impact, that it’s still my most played tune in 2011. This song was followed up with ‘July’ and ‘Montana’, which satisfied the Youth Lagoon craving nicely and showed a consistent ability to create beautiful, melancholic, hopeful music. I posted Cannons way back, but I've been useless and should've had this interview ready in May, but obviously I've been listening to Cannons too much instead... The debut album ‘Year of Hibernation’ is out 27th September, so hyped for that.

First off, where are you in the world right now and what're you working on?

I'm located in Boise, Idaho and I'm working on getting ready for tour. Just a lot of practicing and appreciating my time at home.

Could you give a brief Youth Lagoon history?

YL started about a year ago. I had played in all kinds of different bands throughout high school, but eventually just wanted to break away from this box I found myself in. My music tastes have changed drastically since high school. (laughs) I started listening to oldies but goodies like Cocteau Twins and really just found myself being influenced by the mindset of lo-fi recording techniques and really capturing emotion and real-ness in music. And that's when Youth Lagoon started.

Who did you grow up listening to?

I grew up being a big Elvis fan, and also discovered the Beach Boys when I was about 9. ;)

Tell us a bit about the most recent song you've written.

The most recent song is one called "Sounds like a Riot" and it's really just about laying in bed and playing back life in your mind. And it questions what the word 'love' means. I always thought I knew what it meant.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever written a song about?

When I was in junior high, I wrote a song with a friend that was about a bald man who lives on the beach and listens to N'SYNC. Yup..

Are there any specific themes or sources of inspiration you find yourself revisiting often when making music?

The most things that are truly the most inspiring to me to write songs are life events. Basically everything I write is personal so when I have anything happen in my life, it always ends up turning into a song. Or multiple songs.

What would you say was the perfect environment or situation to listen to your music in?

Someone told me it would be the perfect music for someone to listen to as they walk to their first class on their first day of college. It's the fall, and they just moved from their home state where the love of their life still resides. Everything is new and they have all kinds of anxiety and apprehension about what the future holds, but instead of listening to those fears, they just keep walking.

Where would you love to tour?


Finally, what's next for Youth Lagoon, future plans and such?

Touring everywhere. The album drops on September 27th so I'm going to be touring in support of that a lot.

Youth Lagoon - Cannons from Trevor Powers on Vimeo.

Youth Lagoon - July from pat fairbairn on Vimeo.

Youth Lagoon - Montana from dean jagger on Vimeo.

Monday, 1 August 2011


JUSTBEAPERSON friends, Stray Kites are back with a vengeance. Releasing their new full-length album, Mieux. Mieux is French for 'better' and already this album is sounding more confident and assured than their last featured effort One Day, Earth Time. They continue to grow musically, whilst retaining the rawness and sincerity that makes their music appealing.

Get the album here


Blink And You'll Miss a Revolution (Toro Y Moi Remix) by cutcopymusic