Sunday, 25 September 2011


First of all, just look at Elizabeth Sankey's hair, it's lovely, I think she's my hair idol, that is all. We're a month away from the release of Summer Camp's debut album 'Welcome to Condale' (31st October, spooky) and it's a very aesthetically pleasing album cover, infact pretty much everything to do with the band is aesthetically pleasing. I was a fan of Jeremy Warmsley's solo stuff, I remember buying 'The Promise' when I was 16. Therefore, I was curious to listen to Jeremy's next project, as he teamed up with esteemed music journalist, Elizabeth Sankey. I've been aware of Summer Camp for a year or so but it's only fairly recently that the shroud of mystique and intrigue over their identities has been revealed; it's like Scooby Doo. Their music is blissful, light and romantic, with undercurrents of sharp wip and cynicism. 'Im better off without you' has been the catchiest song of my summer by far and you can't be blamed for floating along, unaware that the lyrics are saying something quite contrasting to what you'd expect.

Hi Laura!

> First off, where are you in the world right now and what're you working on?

We're in London! Elizabeth is doing some writing for
and Jeremy is working on a remix.

> Could you give a brief Summer Camp history?

Summer Camps were invented by Lord Baden-Powell in 1910. The first
summer camp was a total disaster, no-one came.....
Seriously though, in October 200 Elizabeth gave Jeremy a mix-tape
which included the song "I Only Have Eyes For You" by the Flamingos.
They thought it might be fun to record a cover version - Jeremy had
his own studio, although Elizabeth had never sung before. We recorded
it and put it online as a fake band, pretending to be seven Swedish
teens. Much to our surprise & delight, Transparent & Gorilla vs Bear
blogs immediately posted about it. We started writing songs and
playing gigs and here we are now.

> Who did you grow up listening to?

Gracelands by Paul Simon, Beethoven and the Stiff Records Christmas CD.

> Tell us a bit about recent offering 'Brian Krakow'.

It's the second track from our album "Welcome To Condale". Elizabeth
wrote it for Jeremy to sing and he put loads of really loud guitars on
it. It's from the point of view of this kid Brian who lives in
Condale. He thinks he's really cool and that the world owes him a
living, as they say, and he's full of confidence. He's a bit of a jerk
but everyone loves him. He's seeing this girl and she's really keen
but he's keeping her at arms length. The sod.

> What's the strangest subject you've ever written a song about?

Hmm.... We're funding our album with PledgeMusic
( - people can pre-order the album
now & the money goes directly to paying off our production costs. One
of the things you could get alongside the pre-order was have us write
a song about or for you, which a couple of people have asked for. So
we wrote a song for a marketing dude's website, which was cool, and
then we've had a few people ask us write songs for their partner's
birthday or an anniversary. It's really sweet & it feels really nice
to be a part of people's lives like that.

> What would you say was the perfect environment or situation to listen to your music in?

Hmm, maybe on a long car journey starting your holiday? Or in a lift.
All music sounds good in lifts.

> What other artists are you into at the moment?

We love Fleetwood Mac, Theme Park, Emmy The Great and Fresh Maggots.

> Where would you love to tour?

We really wanna do a massive 3-month road-trip tour of the US. That
would be so much fun!

> Finally, what's next for the Summer Camp, future plans and such?

Well our album comes out in october - on Halloween in fact - so we're
mostly just planning for that. Apart from that, writing for album 2,
remixes, touring... all very exciting!