Thursday, 12 April 2012


Straight up slickness coming your way from Swedish musician, David Alexander, aka Summer Heart. Dreamy, mellow vibes, that sound so ethereal, the music feels like it could float over you, it's that light. Really great spring/summer listening, gorgeous synth and vocals.

First off, where are you in the world right now and what're you working on?
At the moment I am hanging out in Sweden. Waiting for summer to arrive. I guess that is also what I am working on! Other than that I am reading a lot of books at the moment. It’s very inspiring to read actually.

Could you give a brief Summer Heart history?
Yeah. I started making some tunes back in 2009, just for fun. The project became official about one year ago, with my first release “Please Stay EP”. Since then I have released a bunch of tracks. I’ve received amazing feedback so far, which makes me very happy! My whole catalogue is available for free here: SOUNDCLOUD and if you feel like investing in my music you can do so on my BANDCAMP! Thanks.

Who did you grow up listening to?
Oh. Lots of different stuff! My dad is a musician so I have been listening to his music, and music he likes, a lot. The Beatles, Crosby, Still & Nash, James Taylor and lots of others. Then I guess I developed my own taste. I like a lot of different music. One of my favourite bands is The Raveonettes. I never get tired of them. Especially their first album “Whip It On”. Amazing album. Get it! Nowadays I mostly listen to my friends’ bands. Nice to follow their development and everything!

Tell us a bit about the most recent song you've written.
I write way too many songs! But the most recent one is a guitar tune. I don’t really know what to say about it. You never know what happens with a tune once you start recording it. It can easily turn into a house track with no trace of guitar. The lyrics are as usual very interpretable, which I want them to be. I want people to make up their own meanings and stories around my songs. The whole listening experience and everything around the songs becomes more personal for each listener that way.

What's the strangest subject you've ever written a song about?
Eh. Once I wrote a song about a wolf that got rejected from wolf society because his eyes sat too close to each other! Haha. Don’t ask me why. Luckily no one ever heard that song!

What would you say was the perfect environment or situation to listen to your music in?
That’s a hard one. I guess anywhere you usually listen to music. Preferably in headphones...

What other artists are you into at the moment?
Mostly my friends bands actually. Sameblod, Death in the Afternoon, Work Drugs and lots of others! Oh. I went to see and hang out with my amazing booking agency mates Brothertiger and Teen Daze yesterday. Such great artists and people! Very into them at the moment!

Where would you love to tour?
I would love to tour the US! That is where most of my listeners live so I guess it would be amazing. So to all you US booking agencies you there, get in touch! Heh. Japan would be really cool as well.

Finally, what's next for you, future plans and such?
I am releasing a brand new album on 25th of April. It’s called “About A Feeling”(Nomethod Records). Can’t wait to get it out there! Everyone can pre-order a physical copy HERE
I am also doing a small European tour starting on the 18th of April.
Then I’ll have a calm summer. A couple of festival gigs in Europe. Then I’ll mostly be hanging out with friends at the beach and drinking coffee in the park. Probably writing a couple of songs as well.